Family of Trayvon Martin Announce Foundation to Combat Profiling Violence


On Thursday, April 26, 2012, at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles, CA, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin announced the launch of their foundation in honor of their son, Trayvon Martin, who was killed by George Zimmerman, February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida. The Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation (“Justice™”) was officially announced at the “Justice™ Trayvon Martin - Los Angeles Rally.” Los Angeles has been the home of a large, supportive and peaceful movement, which made it very easy to choose it as its launching pad. The rally provided a healthy and peaceful forum of discussions geared towards peaceful conflict resolution. The purpose for raising funds is to support the fundamental pillars of Justice™. This is an opportunity for supporters to be a part of this grassroots movement to rid the world of profiling violence.  

Power 106 DJ, Big Boy, hosted the rally. Speakers included Rev. Al Sharpton, National Action Network; Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow Push Coalition; Benjamin Jealous, NAACP; Pastor Jamal Bryant, Empowerment Movement; Benjamin L. Crump, Esq; Daryl Parks, Esq. Celebrity speakers included: David Banner; Paul Rodriguez, Omarosa Manigault Stallworth, Boris Kodjoe, with a special performance by Columbia Records recording artist, Mary Mary. Special guests included the family of Trayvon Martin: Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, and Jahvaris Fulton. Vicky Lindsey of Project Cry No More and families of local slain victims: Anthony Dunn, Oscar Grant, Laura Sanchez, Kendrec McDade and Frederick Martin were in attendance and shown support. Mark Ridley-Thomas, Supervisor; Bernard C. Parks, Councilmember; Minister Tony Muhammad, Nation of Islam; and a host of local community leaders, activists and hundreds of supporters were also in attendance.

“It really feels good to know that a foundation in our son’s name has been established. This is something we never imagined, but then again we never imagined our son taken away from us. But in the event of him taken away from us, it’s good to see something good is coming out of it; so we are very grateful of that. As they said, it’s not a moment, it’s a movement,” said Tracy Martin.

About the Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation

Justice™ is a non-profit organization that was established, March 2012, to create awareness and action in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin. Justice™’s scope has since widened to advocate for all victims of injustice. Justice™’s purpose is to: advocate for crime victims and their families, enact Trayvon Martin legislation to prevent the inappropriate application of Stand Your Ground principles, increase public awareness against all forms of profiling, and educate youth on conflict resolution techniques.

The Foundation’s focus is on peace and human rights for all individuals regardless of race, political affiliations, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation or gender. Additionally, the Foundation advocates for voter’s power, using social media for effective mobilization, and promoting love and peace. Justice™ does not advocate violence, hatred and laws that encourage it, even towards Zimmerman.

We encourage everyone to get involved with this movement; go to for more information on ways you can support this cause. Donations are greatly appreciated.


Twitter: @JusticeTMOrg