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The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice is a national non-profit with over 50,000 members working to protect and empower young people of color from racial profiling and senseless gun violence through creativity and innovation.

Led by Founder and Executive Director Daniel Maree, Million Hoodies successfully generated global support for the arrest of George Zimmerman by collecting over 2 million petition signatures on Change.org, which became the fastest growing petition in the history of the Internet (ABC News). In 2012, Million Hoodies created a new tool to help track and document incidents of police misconduct and institutional discrimination. Million Hoodies has since collected over 2,000 incidents of misconduct in New York City alone.

Million Hoodies has generated millions of dollars in earned media for victims and families of senseless gun violence and received several awards, including: 2 Cannes Lions, 2 Gold Andy Awards, 2 Bronze Art Director’s Club Awards, a 2013 D&AD Silver Pencil nomination, a 2013 Webby Award Nomination for Public Service and Activism (which places Million Hoodies as one of the 5 best campaigns in the world in its category), and the 2013 Do Something Award Grand Prize, which honors world changers aged 25 and younger.

Our work recognizes that the conditions that caused the death of Trayvon Martin and many others like him are deeply embedded in institutional injustice and structural violence. While accountability in individual cases is important, we realize that we must attack the core inequalities in our society if we are to put a stop to the senseless deaths and systemic violence inflicted on people of color every day. Our core programs and activities include:

  • Institutional Discrimination
  • Gun Reform
  • Direct Action & Advocacy for Victims & Families
  • Electoral & Legal Rights
  • Education & Empowerment


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commented 2013-10-13 22:57:17 -0400 · Flag
Dear Cynthia….why do we say “of color”. Because “people of color” have been systematically dehumanized in this American society by all participants, all institutions, and every facet while “white” folk, including this writer, are extremely privileged. That is a fact that is only disputed by some white folk who are not the target and white folk have never been the targets of racism in this country. When white folk are killed everyone makes a big deal about it…the media, the community, the police, etc, etc so it is not true that no one marches for them…there is a constant march for them by all institutions of this society. We are all conditioned in this society by racism and need healing in this regard…I suggest checking out Healing Our Nation workshops, at www.healingournation.com .
commented 2013-08-24 01:32:01 -0400 · Flag
Why do you have to be racist adding “of color”? I stood up for Trayvon bc he was human. What about these young people?
http://m.knoxnews.com/news/2013/may/19/horror-of-christiannewsom-killings-in-focus/ Who marches for them?
commented 2013-08-23 18:20:39 -0400 · Flag
Wanted to share a Tribute song made in honor of Trayvon, feel free to post. http://youtu.be/ZaG_CRDtMeQ
commented 2013-06-30 13:23:28 -0400 · Flag
This music video tells why Trayvon Martin is dead~
commented 2012-04-09 17:56:00 -0400 · Flag
We Wont Stop Until There Is Justice For Trayvon Martin!
published this page 2012-03-24 15:18:00 -0400
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