Saturday: People Around the World To Participate Via Livestream in the Historic 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Sunday: Million Hoodies Supporters To Honor the Death of Trayvon Martin with #HoodiesUp Social Media Initiative

For press inquiries, please contact Adam Gibbs: gibbs@sunshinesachs.com323.822.9300

For press inquiries, please contact Adam Gibbs: gibbs@sunshinesachs.com323.822.9300


WASHINGTON, D.C – The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice – a national non-profit founded to advocate on behalf of victims of racial profiling and senseless gun violence through social media and creative technology – is partnering with the Trayvon Martin Foundation, NAACP Northeast Region, New York Urban League, One Million People United for Change and The Roosevelt Institute to host the Virtual March on Washington on Saturday, August 24. Click here for the promo video. This innovative online event will enhance access for people all over the world to take part in the historic 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Additionally, the coalition will provide free buses from Harlem and Brooklyn to Washington, DC for NYC-based supporters to participate in the March.

Along with covering the events on the National Mall, Million Hoodies’ Virtual March will feature its own guest speakers, expert panels, celebrities and musical performances. The livestream will also include a virtual town hall, where Daniel Maree – Founder and Executive Director of Million Hoodies, as well as Grand Prize Winner of the 2013 Do Something Award – will discuss the critical issues surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin.

As Million Hoodies is dedicated to exploring tangible solutions to fight institutional discrimination and promote judicial reform, participants in the Virtual March are urged to sign and share a petition to pass the End Racial Profiling Act on Million Hoodies will also use this historic weekend to honor Trayvon Martin by asking supporters to share a photo while wearing a hoodie using the #HoodiesUp hashtag on Sunday, August 25 at 7:16:56 PM EDT – the exact time of Trayvon’s death.

"Million Hoodies is indebted to the millions of people around the world who answered the call to action for Trayvon Martin, so the Virtual March is our way of repaying them,” said Maree. “With our unparalleled access to digital technology in the 21st century, there's no reason why supporters in London, Australia, or South Africa shouldn't be able to participate in this historic anniversary event. The Virtual March also represents our commitment to Dr. King's vision of 'creatively pursuing the paths of glory' – which is what Million Hoodies is all about."

Get up-to-date information on the Virtual March on Washington by following @MillionHoodies and @danielmaree on Twitter, using the #HoodiesUp hashtag and visiting


The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice is a national nonprofit working to elevate the profile of victims of senseless gun violence and their families and to lower the barrier of entry for civic engagement through social media, creative technology, performance art and multimedia. In 2012, Million Hoodies created a new tool to help track and document incidents of police misconduct, violence, and victimization – including “stop and frisk”. Million Hoodies has since collected over 2,000 incidents of misconduct in New York City alone. Founder Daniel Maree also created the #MillionHoodies Movement for Trayvon Martin, which successfully generated global support for a criminal investigation into the shooting death of Trayvon by collecting over 2 million petition signatures on Maree recently won the 2013 Do Something Award Grand Prize, which honors world changers aged 25 and younger.

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  • We are wanting justice for Tray still. We will not give up hope that the DOJ will find Zimmerman guilty and hold him accountable.
  • I am proud that my son Chris Nelson will be streaming live at this event. Thank you for asking him to be a part of this historic event. My thoughts and prayers will be with everyone on Saturday. May PEACE DECEND UPON DC on Saturday.