Occupy The New Jim Crow

Occupy the New Jim Crow are members of the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice who stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. We recognize that the conditions that caused the death of Trayvon Martin (and thousands of others like him) are deeply embedded in structural injustice and violence against people of color. While accountability in individual cases is important, we realize that we must attack the core inequalities in our society if we are to put a stop to this violence. Along with Occupy Wall Street we are committed to confronting these injustices and the people who profit from them.

We seek to engage in a national conversation about race, the justice system, and gun laws. We also firmly believe that the economic excesses of the 1% disproportionatly harm people of color and their communities. We stand in solidarity with all global movements against structural violence, economic exploitation, and institutional discrimination.

Our members come from all races, religions, and regions. We are united in our struggle for justice for Trayvon and by a committment for a more just and equitable world. The 99% will no longer tolerate racism, repression, and bigotry in our communities.

#MillionHoodies #hoodiesup #OWS

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