London Comes Out to Remember Trayvon

martinlondon.jpg On Friday May 11th the people of London turned out to show their support for the family of Trayvon Martin. The family traveled to London to join the mother of Stephen Lawrence to call for an end to racial profiling in both countries. Lawrence was killed in a racist attack in 1993, but his mother Doreen had to wait until January of this year to see the men responsible for the murder convicted and sent to prison. 

“I say to you today … just stand up, stand up and be heard. Don’t let this happen to another one of our children,” Sybrina Fulton told a crowd gathered to stand against racism and profiling. “Until you have lost a child, it’s very difficult for you to understand how we feel, and the hurt and the pain that we have."

 This issue of profiling is one that has affected our country in so many ways,” said Daryl Parks an attorney for Martin's family. “It's been very insightful to be able to talk to Great Britain and have an opportunity to have a dialogue with people here – all in the name of justice. The issue is profiling. Profiling of any type of person is wrong, wrong, wrong.”

Both families participated in a town hall meeting about profiling and justice which was followed by a vigil on Downing street to commemerate the lives of the young men Sybrina Fulton also released a Mother's Day video this weekend in honor of all mothers who lost children to gun violence.