Let's Crash ALEC's Party

Thanks to ALEC Ratified Legislation Zimmerman May Have Walked Free What is ALEC doing this week? Moving to a new headquarters and throwing themselves a party! Join us as we crash the party and protest stand your ground and voter suppression.

ALEC, the corporate front group that has pushed hundreds of state laws written by special interest lobbyists including Stand Your Ground, is moving its headquarters and holding an open house.

ALEC and its corporate-backers must be held accountable. For years, ALEC pushed Stand Your Ground laws based on the one that may have helped George Zimmerman walk free, and the voter suppression laws that are trying to lock many people out of the political process.

More information is available here.

Public parking garage and street parking nearby. Closest metro: Crystal City - then about a 10 block walk.

2900 Crystal Drive Arlington, VA.