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    The decriminalization and gun violence prevention movements have demonstrated the power of sharing our stories to build a powerful movement and win major political victories. One of the best ways to get to know someone is to know their story: where they come from and what led them to join the movement for human dignity and safer communities and families. Whether you have been directly impacted by the criminal justice system or gun violence, a long-time organizer in the movement, or someone who is just fed up, we want to hear your story!

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    LONDON - MAY 11th

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  • April 26 - Digital Town Hall

    New York, NY On April 26th Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation will hold a community forum and rally with the parents of Trayvon Martin, along with Reverend Al Sharpton; Reverend Jesse Jackson; NAACP President, Ben Jealous; Earvin “Magic” Johnson; Stevie Wonder; Mary Mary; David Banner; Chaka Khan as well as with community activists and organizers to address the multitude of issues plaguing young people of color in this country.

    Join via Livestream: http://ow.ly/avOvG

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  • LA ACTION: Justice for Trayvons!

    On April 10th the people of Los Angeles will come together to march for Trayvon Martin. On that day a grand jury convenes in FL to decide if charges should be brought against Trayvon's shooter, George Zimmerman. In addition to the march the millionhoodies of LA have drafted a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for a Justice Department investigation into the case. Please take a few minutes to download, sign, and mail a copy to Eric Holder. You can also email it to AskDOJ@usdoj.gov. We must keep the pressure on until Trayvon's family receives justice.



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  • The Facts About the Murder of Trayvon Martin

    The muder of Trayvon Martin has sparked outrage among millions of Americans. However, there are those who seek to use Trayvon's case to advance their political agenda. Many in the media are trying to portray Trayvon as an aggressor who deserved to be attacked. Know the facts! Below is a fact sheet that you can download and share with others. Let's not let misinformation get in the way of getting justice for Trayvon.

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  • From Martin To Martin: Hoodies Up On The Mountaintop

    Rally USQ

    A beautiful and thoughtful reflection on two Martins from Michael Skolnik at Global Grind.

    "But, if we are to get to that mountaintop, it will be our generation that will lead us there."

    Image via Flickr.


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