By participating in our Action Network you will become part of the growing movement to end racial profiling and reduce gun violence. 


Power Summit is a two-day Freedom School for high school and college students to strategize and design action plans to address gun violence and criminal justice issues in their communities. 

Our goal is to provide the next generation of local civil rights activists with the skills, tools, and networks to design campaigns for transformative change in their communities. Our vision is to form a network of student organizers, activists, and leaders to confront the gun violence and racial profiling crisis affecting communities of color today.


Since Million Hoodies began in 2012, local racial justice and gun violence prevention groups have sprung up in communities around the country to protect and empower young people of color from racial profiling and senseless gun violence. Million Hoodies believes that a powerful national network of local movements working in solidarity with one another, and transform their communities through grassroots organizing, strategic communications campaigns, and creative technology, is essential to transforming the public narrative around gun violence and racial profiling. What Million Hoodies groups do locally will vary from place to place and is up to the local movements’ leaders, but at their core, they are led by those committed to building a sustainable human rights movement that embodies the values and principles of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice.


Our network members believe that Million Hoodies is a platform for enabling communities to engage in a movement to attain tangible social change. Connect with others who share your vision and take action today!